Who We Are

Alethia: Who We Are

We are a body of believers that establishes the Lord’s kingdom, and wants to make disciples that engage the culture (I John 3:18).

We desire to make disciples who:

Encounter God
Acts 2:42
Romans 12:1-2

Embrace People
Matthew 5:16
Mark 12:30-31

Serve our World
Deuteronomy 10:18
John 1

What’s in a name?
The word “Alethia” means truth in Greek. The majority of the words “truth,” in the NT are translated to the word Alethia.

Here’s a great video of what it takes to make things happen on a Sunday morning. Pine Creek High School has been such a blessing to our community!

Alethia Church is proud to be part of the incredible community of churches in Colorado Springs,CO.  Not only Colorado Springs, but also the communities of Monument, Falcon, Manitou Springs, Fountain and the greater Colorado Springs area.  Please feel free to join us for a Sunday Morning Worship Service or Contact us at anytime.

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