Our elder team spiritually  leads, oversees, and shepherds Alethia church. All our Pastors are Elder qualified, and all our Elders exercise traditional ‘Pastoral’ duties in and among our church as we come under the headship of Christ to help lead His church to the best of our collective abilities.

Our Elder team can be reached here: Elders@alethiachurch.org if you have any questions or needs specific to this group.

Manny Pollard

Manny is a Colorado native and has been working in youth ministry for more than 5 years. He graduated from Providence Theological Seminary with a Bachelors in Divinity. Manny and his wife Kim have huge hearts for youth and coming along side them in any walk of life. Kim loves to read, scrapbook and hike. Manny’s interests are skiing in the winter, golf & mountain biking all the time in the summer and enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, watching Sports Center at anyone’s house that has cable, and is a fan of the Detroit Lions. Manny@alethiachurch.org

Adam Peek

The most important things he wants you to know about him are (in no particular order):
Growing daily, passionate follower of Jesus, madly in love with his wife, Tara, loves seeing more of God in being a father, family, community, friends, sports (any time any where), The Denver Nuggets, Rockies, Broncos, not Avalanche, work hard, make disciples, encourage men to be men (to quote Chris Rock, “Don’t take credit for stuff you supposed to be doin’!”), quality hip hop music, creativity, both special and general revelation reveal the character of God. Be the Change…what a wretched man am I…thanks be to God for saving a wretch like me. Adam@alethiachurch.org

Johnny Levy

Johnny is married to Sarah, and their kids are Isaiah, Eliya, Jadon and Amara. The Lord brought them to Alethia about a year after they relocated to Colorado Springs from Texas. He is the Business Development Manager for small software company based in Boulder. Johnny is extremely passionate about the Word, about the Church, and about his family.

Dan Rundio

Dan has a wonderful wife and 4 great kids.  They started going to Alethia before it was Alethia, back in the days when it was prayer meetings.  He currently earns a living by being a domain name broker, but lives to serve.  He is excited about helping Alethia in any way needed, helping to remember the vision of the church when it was first started, and desires to see the church become a family full of real growth. Dan@alethiachurch.org

Paul Mason

Paul has been blessed with an amazing family; his wife Sarah and three amazing children, Halie, Austin, Luke and Eli.  Vocationally he wears many hats; attorney, insurance agent, equity trader and at one point a used car sales man (don’t ask), but his heart has and always will be to disciple God’s people. He loves teaching and leading others to places they would have never imagined that God would call them. Paul@alethiachurch.org

Troy Smith

Joel Gheen

Matthew Redder

Alethia has been church home for Matt and his family since Easter weekend of 2012. A Colorado transplant, Matt and his wife Tasha both graduated from Arizona State University’s Fine Arts Department and put roots down in Colorado in 2005 after being married. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of ministry, kids, pet adoptions, seminary, dance studios, and more. Matt’s passions are people and God, and he loves ministering with the team at Alethia Church. Matt@alethiachurch.org

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